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About Upofloor

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About Upofloor


Since the start in the 1950’s, Upofloor has revolutionized our view of traditional public space flooring – focusing on creating smart flooring materials that are environmentally
sound, strong and easy to maintain.


Upofloor was founded in the small town of Nokia in western Finland, one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative centers of Europe. It was here that the Nokia Group started its operations in the 19th century as a small paper mill, taking its name from the city. The innovative spirit that took the Nokia telecom brand to worldwide success has made a strong mark on the city, and has attracted a number of innovative companies over the decades. One of these is Upofloor, which was founded in Nokia’s old paper mill and which was also owned for a period by the Nokia Group.

Upofloor’s founding vision was to offer the Finnish market an innovative product that was catching on around the world, i.e. resilient vinyl flooring. Production expanded in 1960’s to include public space´s resilient sheet floorings and flexible vinyl floorings for domestic use. Meanwhile, a growing demand from other countries resulted in continuously expanding exports. Today, Upofloor has successfully produced, marketed and installed millions of square feet of floorings all around the world. 

Focus on environmentally sound floorings

Still, Upofloor’s product development activities are based in the pioneering town of Nokia. Focus is on designing innovative PVC-free, environmentally sound floorings that are durable and easy to maintain. The first PVC-free floor was launched already in 2004. Since then, Upofloor has become a pioneer in PVC-free floorings, aiming to continuously expand its offerings in design-driven, technologically advanced and sustainable floorings. Upofloor has also been a leading quartz tile manufacturer for over 60 years, providing uniquely designed flooring to many types of commercial installations.

Part of Kährs Group

Today, Upofloor has two production facilities in Finland. The company is part of Kährs Group. Established in 1857, Kährs is the world’s oldest wood floor manufacturer. It is also the leading, with worldwide brand recognition.