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EPD Environmental Product Declaration Calculator

Floor coverings are selected on the basis of many criteria, among which environmental friendliness plays a major role these days. European resilient flooring manufacturers have developed together an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) Calculator for determining the environmental impacts of different floor coverings. The calculator can be downloaded freely from the internet and provides information about environmental impacts by product group. It is thus possible to assess the environmental impacts of linoleum, rubber, PVC coverings and LifeLine-type thermoplastic coverings, for example

The calculator provides information about the environmental impacts of each product group over its entire lifespan. The calculations take into consideration the impacts of the raw material, manufacturing process, installation, transportation, actual usage and maintenance, and disposal. The Environmental Product Declarations provide detailed information about carbon-dioxide emissions, the share of renewable and non-renewable energy in the manufacturing process, and the hazardous waste created over the entire lifespan.

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