PVC Free

Installation for PVC Free floors

UPOFLOOR PVC Free floors can be installed with 2 adhesives – 5900 and 5300. Please refer to the individual Adhesive TDS under DOWNLOADS for specific application requirements to determine which adhesive is best suited for your specific application. 

Substrate Preparations: 

Suitable substrates include above, on or below grade concrete (within moisture and alkalinity specifications), APA underlayment grade plywood and radiant heated floors (29.4ºC and below). All substrates must be clean, smooth and dry, free of waxes, existing adhesives, dirt or dust, grease, oil, paint curing compounds or sealers. This adhesive cannot be used over chemically cleaned substrates. Upofloor 5900 can be used on concrete substrates with in-situ Relative Humidity up to 85% as measured per the latest version of ASTM F2170, and with pH up to 10.0. Site conditions, floor preparations, and moisture and alkalinity must comply with current ASTM F710 guidelines. 

Installation Procedures: 
The installation site must be acclimated with HVAC in operation. The floor and room temperature, as well as flooring materials and adhesive, must be maintained at 65°- 95° F, and the humidity below 65% for 48 hours prior to, during, and after the testing and installation. Follow floor-covering manufacturer’s installation instructions and proper adhesive application rate. 

Porous substrates: 
• Flooring may be placed into adhesive after 10-20 minutes open time (flash-off) over a porous substrate. When installing over a porous substrate, the adhesive should be allowed to dry to the touch sufficient to prevent slippage. Loss of adhesion can result if the flooring is not installed within the working time of the adhesive. Roll the installation in both directions with a 75-lbs.3-section roller immediately after the flooring is placed and positioned, ensuring complete contact with the adhesive.  

Non-porous substrates: 
• Install flooring into the adhesive as it becomes dry to the touch with little or no transfer to finger when touched. This will normally require 30 to 60 minutes of drying time at suggested installation temperature and humidity. Do not install flooring into wet adhesive on non-porous substrates. Roll the installation in both directions with a 75-lbs. 3-section roller immediately after flooring is placed, ensuring complete contact with adhesive.  

Recommended Trowel: 
• 1/16” x 1/32” x 1/32” U-Notched Trowel 
• Coverage: 220 – 260 square feet per gallon  

Restrict foot traffic for 24 hours after installation. No heavy traffic, rolling loads or furniture placement for 72 hours after installation. Additional time may be necessary if the installation is over a non-porous substrate. Allow at least five days following the installation before conducting wet cleaning procedures or initial maintenance. 

Shelf Life: 
1 year from manufacturing date. Protect from freezing. This product is not photochemically reactive as defined by California Rules 102 and 443. 
VOC content is below that established by California SCAQMD Rule 1168.

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