Upofloor Quartz/Hovi


Upofloor Quartz/Hovi Mosaic, Quartz/Hovi Mosaic Classic, Quartz/Hovi Tema & Quartz/Hovi Uni

Relative humidity of the concrete floor must not exceed RH 85 %. Temperature during installation and that of subfloor and material should be at least +18 °C (68° F). Adhesive is applied using a fine toothed glue putty knife. The amount of adhesive required is, depending on the subfloor, about 300 g/m². In public areas the floor must be rolled to achieve maximum adhesion. Rolling should be carried out before the adhesive dries. This is done to prevent the emergence of the adhesive application lines and indentations on the finished floor surface. Avoid traffic on the floor and do not move furniture until the adhesive is totally dry. Adhesive manufacturers provide full information and recommendations on the use of their products.

Installation instruction - Upofloor Quartz (PDF)