Upofloor Zero Tile


Relative humidity of the concrete floor must not exceed RH 85 % (< 2.0 % CM). Temperature during installation and that of subfloor and material should be at least +18 °C (68 °F). Before installing the flooring, it must be ensured that the final levelling compounds have dried sufficiently.

The flooring should be installed using water based acrylic dispersion adhesives approved by Upofloor: Mapei Ultrabond Eco V4 SP and Uzin KE 66.

Installation is performed according adhesive manufacturer´s instructions using wet or semi-wet gluing method. Allow suitable open time for sufficient pre-tack for easy and clean installation.

Pay attention to the absorbency of subfloor, the adhesive properties, amount and conditions.

Floor covering must not be installed on top of existing floor covering. Recommended standard trowel types are TKB A1 and TKB A2. Square tiles have arrow marks on the backside of the product to help controlling of installation direction.

When installing on solid unabsorbing subfloor, the leveling compound layer should be thick enough. The layer must create an even and equally absorbing base for the adhesive. Usually this means that minimum 2 mm thick layer is required. Before installation make sure all leveling compound has completely dried.

With heated floor construction it is possible that moisture will condensate below surface material if material is significantly colder than floor construction. Special care should be taken not to overheat floor construction. A few days before installation, temperature of the subfloor should be decreased to the installation level and temperature should remain steady for one week after installation. After that it is possible to raise temperature carefully step by step. Notice that ultimate maximum temperature of slab is +28 °C.

When installed over wooden or other sheet board structure, subfloor producer´s instructions are needed to be followed to ensure moisture balancing and minimized movement in subfloor.

Use only identical batch number materials in one room.

The floor must be rolled while the adhesive is still fresh. The weight of the roll should be 50 - 70 kg. Rolling prevents the emergence of adhesive trowel marks and indentations on the finished floor surface. Avoid traffic on the floor and do not move furniture until the adhesive is totally dry.

After installation, the floor surface should be carefully protected against construction-period loads and stresses with an appropriate material for the purpose. The protective materials should be taped to each other only – not to the surface of the flooring!

Upofloor will not be responsible for the functionality of the floor if the afore mentioned instructions are not followed.

Installation instruction - Upofloor Zero Tile (PDF)