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Upofloor Zero & Zero Sound


Please use felt floor protectors on all furniture to prevent floors from being scratched and to keep them easy to care for.

Initial cleaning

Remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner, mop or brush.
Wash the floor with a combination machine or floor care machine.
Use a red pad or medium-hard brush with mild alkaline detergent, or if the floor is very dirty, alkaline detergent. Avoid excessive use of water and make sure that the floor surface is dried.
A clean, dry floor can be treated with a care product if required.


Zero floors do not require polishing or dry buffing.


Remove loose dirt. Use dry and/or damp methods for maintenance cleaning.
It is advisable to alternate dry methods with damp methods to prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the floor. Make sure that the floor surface is dried. Use a mild alkaline detergent and care product.
Remove stains, e.g. graphite stains, daily to prevent dirt from becoming em-bedded in the floor.
Always use a combination machine when the floor space and use allows this. This will ensure that floor stays cleaner. Use red pads in the machine.
You can also clean the floor with an SHS machine with a care solution, partic-ularly in spaces with more furniture. If necessary, a stronger care product can be used.

Basic cleaning

Wash the floor with an alkaline or strong alkaline solution depending on how dirty the floor is. Follow the product manufacturer's guidelines. Use a combi-nation machine or a floor care machine with red or blue pads.
Rinse the floor.
A clean and dry floor can be treated with a care product. The dry surface may be polished if required.

Upofloor Zero & Zero Sound maintenance pdf