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LifeLine Tile

With their expressive pattern and durable ionomer surface, LifeLine tiles give the floor a long service life with low maintenance costs. LifeLine tiles are especially well suited to public premises subject to heavy wear, such as corridors, schools and stores.

LifeLine tiles also meet the fire safety requirements for use on ships in accordance with the IMO directive.

LifeLine tiles are a safe and environmentally friendly choice for public premises subject to heavy wear. No PVC or plasticizers are used in the production. The material is fully recyclable during production and when disposed of, it can be utilised as normal energy-producing waste.

x) Emissions test no: VTT-S-04272-07 8.5.2007

LifeLine - an innovative heavy duty flooring material - a safe choice for people and the environment

LifeLine floor coverings are manufactured in Finland using an innovative new material developed by Upofloor. LifeLine flooring material is completely free of PVC and plasticizers. It provides excellent performance characteristics without compromising human safety or care for the environment. The elastic LifeLine material is made from natural Finnish minerals and pure thermoplastic polymers. It is free of PVC, plasticizers, phthalates, halogens, chlorine, and heavy metals.

A golf-ball-like surface for unbeatable performance

The ionomer-impregnated wear layer of LifeLine floorings is made from the same material as golf balls, which gives the material excellent resistance to shocks, indentations and wear. LifeLine floorings are classified in the best wear-resistance class (Group T).


The ionomer wear layer does not require waxing. The compact surface rejects dirt, which makes it easy and effortless to clean and minimizes maintenance costs. The texture of the surface also provides light friction, making it pleasant and safe underfoot.

Safe and hygienic

LifeLine floorings are ideal especially in hospital conditions, as they are easy to clean, hygienic and resist chemicals. In addition, the flooring does not act as a substrate for bacteria (such as MRSA). The material is also safe in terms of indoor air. An emissions test carried out by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) found zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The material is fully recyclable during production and when disposed of, it can be utilised as normal energy-producing waste.

The product family also includes LifeLine skirting and welding rods.

Thickness 2.0 mm
Pcs per package 20 pcs
Area per package 5 m²
Length 500 mm
Width 500 mm
Weight 3.6 kg/m²