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Upofloor Quartz

Upofloor Quartz compressed Quartz Tiles have been designed especially for public premises with heavy traffic. Our unique compression technology provides a flexible yet durable structure, at the same time making the surface dense, nonporous and dirt resistant.

Upofloor Quartz/Hovi Tiles are developed and designed following the principles of sustainable development. The tiles mainly consist of natural materials, such as quartz sand and calcium carbonates. Combining excellent durability with easy installation and cost-effective maintenance, they can provide uncontested appearance and competitive lifecycle costs.With plenty of color and design options to choose from, a personal, fitting solution can be found for every space and situation. Upofloor Quartz/Hovi tiles help to create an area that looks appealing and remains in good shape – thus attracting people and building positive image.


Quartz/Hovi Uni

The wide range of our single-color Uni collection offers plenty of alternatives for timeless floor designs. Choosing different colors of Uni products or combining...

Quartz/Hovi Tema

The lively mini-granulate pattern of Tema helps build an elegant, yet effective atmosphere into a space. The Tema best complements areas that need neutral patterns...

Quartz/Hovi Mosaic Classic

Equipped with the same properties and virtues of Mosaic, our Mosaic Classic collection feature a bit stronger chip pattern to create stronger contrast...

Quartz/Hovi Mosaic

A wide variety of non-dimensional and colourful designs. While the striped, tone-on-tone tinted granulates soften the visual appearance, they also hide dirt efficiently.

Quartz/Hovi Mosaic 61x61 cm

Same colourful designs and versatile as the Quartz/Hovi Mosaic range, but with a bigger tile size.


The Finntile collection features a classic striped design that creates all new opportunities to architectural area control.