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About Upofloor

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About Upofloor

Upofloor Oy is a Finnish flooring manufacturer that was established in 1955 in the town of Nokia. Today Upofloor has two production facilities in Finland manufacturing vinyl floorings as well as PVC- and plasticizer free floorings. Upofloor Oy is part of Kährs Group. Established in 1857, Kährs is one of Europe's oldest and leading wood floor manufacturers with a brand that is recognized globally.

An industry pioneer then and now

Already in the 1950s Upofloor (then called Kymarno Oy) was a pioneer in plastic floorings in Finland. Our company was founded in order to offer the Finnish market an innovative product that was catching on around the world: plastic floorings.

Today we are a full-service worldwide flooring supplier. Our guiding principle is to systematically expand our offerings in design-driven, technologically advanced and ecologically conscious floorings.

Since 2000 Upofloor has created its position as the leading pioneer in PVC free floorings. We take pride in being able to provide a wide variety of durable, safe and environmentally friendly products for public premises subject to heavy wear.