Zero PVC, Zero Plasticizers – and Zero worries. The Upofloor Zero product family flooring materials are both environmentally and user friendly, making them well suited for public spaces, including those with especially high safety requirements – such as schools, day care centres, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Upofloor Zero is made from our innovative flooring material Enomer®. Featuring a mineral based construction and ionomer reinforced surface treatment, the products are easy to maintain and extremely resistant to both staining and scratching.

Sustainable green flooring choice

Upofloor Zero product floors are sustainable choices. They are made from safe raw materials consisting of natural minerals and clean thermoplastic polymers. The environment has been considered in every stage of the development and production process.

Application areas

Upofloor Zero flooring is suitable for public spaces subject to heavy wear, including hospitals, schools, shops, offices, daycare centres and nursing homes.

Safe and healthy choice for public premises
  • Zero PVC, chlorine and plasticizers
  • Zero phthalates, halogens and heavy metals
  • Homogeneous construction
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance – no wax or dry buffing required
  • Bacteria resistant and antistatic
  • High performance stain & chemicals resistance
  • Soft contrast pattern in a wide range of colours
  • Outstanding environmental qualities
  • Made from Enomer®, an innovative flooring material from Upofloor

Download our brochures about Upofloor Zero product family:
Zero Sheet and Zero Sound
Zero Tile

Zero Tile
Zero Tile can create a monolithic look for large spaces or make a statement by mixing and matching colours. Installation is fast and the end result will look elegant as well as pleasing to the eye without welded joints.