Since the start in the 1950’s, Upofloor has revolutionized the view of traditional public space flooring – focusing on creating smart flooring materials that are environmentally sound, strong and easy to maintain.

Find the right floor

Upofloor offers a wide range of flooring materials which suit the demands of different public and commercial uses, including those with especially high safety requirements – such as schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities. In our flooring range you can find PVC-free luxury planks and tiles, contract sheets and quartz tiles.

What is Enomer®?

Enomer® is a unique and innovative flooring material developed by Upofloor. Enomer® is made from natural minerals and pure polymers. The material provides excellent performance characteristics, without compromising care for the environment or human beings. Enomer® is free from PVC, plasticizers, phthalates, halogens, chlorines and heavy metals.

Upofloor Xpression

Made of our innovative Enomer® material, Xpression includes PVC-free and plasticizer-free luxury planks and tiles which are developed to please the eye as well as our environment.

Upofloor Quartz

Upofloor Quartz Tiles are developed and designed especially for public premises with heavy traffic. The tiles are made of natural materials, such as quartz sand and calcium carbonates.

Upofloor Zero

Zero PVC, zero plasticizers – and zero worries. Upofloor Zero are available in both contract sheet and tiles. The Upofloor Enomer® floor material is both user and environmental friendly, making it well suited for public spaces.