Flooring in public spaces can be an investment for decades. It is therefore important to consider the total cost for the life span of the flooring, as the maintenance cost can substantially exceed the initial costs.

Resilient flooring from Upofloor is extremely durable, leading to low maintenance costs and low life-cycle costs.

Upofloor Quartz tiles

Upofloor Quartz tiles feature an extremely dense structure in which dirt can't penetrate. The durability and easy care PUR surface treatment contribute to the longevity of the floor while keeping the maintenance cost low.

Upofloor PVC Free floors

Featuring a mineral based construction and ionomer reinforced surface treatment, Upofloor PVC Free floors are easy to maintain and extremely resistant to both staining and scratching.

Maintenance instructions

Use standard maintenance industry safety practices and precautions whenever performing maintenance procedures. Read each product label and use instructions prior to application. Every flooring application and building can present its own unique set of circumstances that may require variations in maintenance procedures. Choose the maintenance option that works with your area of application and maintenance equipment.

For detailed information, download our Upofloor Product Maintenance Guide.

For maintenance instructions in Spanish, please download Upofloor Instrucciones de Mantenimiento.