Technical documentation

Datasheets (DS)

Upofloor Xpression DS
Upofloor Quartz DS
Upofloor Finntile DS
Upofloor Zero Sheet DS
Upofloor Zero Sound DS
Upofloor Zero Tile DS
Upofloor Estrad and Estrad Plano DS
Upofloor Estrad dB DS
Upofloor Estrad ESD DS
Upofloor LifeLine Tile DS
Upofloor PVC free Zero skirting DS

Upofloor Safety Floors R10/36+ DS
Upofloor Safety Floors R10/36+ Wood DS
Upofloor Safety Floors R11/45+ DS
Upofloor Safety Floors R11/50+ Wetroom DS
Upofloor Safety Floors R12/45+ DS


NCS colours

Kährs Upofloor Estrad NCS - Estrad Ultimate, Estrad Ultimate SD, Estrad Sound, Estrad Classic, Estrad Uni, Estrad Wall

Upofloor Quartz Uni NCS colours
Upofloor Quartz Tema NCS colours
Upofloor Finntile NCS colours
Upofloor Zero Sheet NCS colours
Upofloor Zero Sound NCS colours
Upofloor Zero Tile NCS colours
Upofloor Estrad NCS colours
Upofloor Estrad dB NCS colours
Upofloor Estrad ESD NCS colours
Upofloor Estrad Plano NCS colours
Upofloor Accessories NCS colours


Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Upofloor Xpression DoP
Upofloor Quartz DoP
Upofloor Zero Sheet DoP
Upofloor Zero Sound DoP
Upofloor Zero Tile DoP
Upofloor Estrad and Estrad Plano DoP
Upofloor Estrad dB DoP
Upofloor Estrad ESD DoP
Upofloor Safety Floors R10/36+, F11/45+, R11/50+, R12/45+ DoP
Upofloor Safety Floors R10/36+ Wood DoP



The Blaue Engel Ecolabel Certificate

Upofloor Zero Tile eco-bau (FR)

FloorScore Upofloor Quartz
FloorScore Upofloor Zero Sheet, Zero Sound, Xpression, LifeLine

ISO 9001 Quality System
ISO 14001 Environmental System

M1 Upofloor Xpression
M1 Upofloor Quartz
M1 Upofloor Quartz / Casco
M1 Upofloor Zero
M1 Upofloor Zero / Casco
M1 Upofloor Estrad
M1 Upofloor Estrad / Casco
M1 Upofloor Estrad ESD

Upofloor Zero Sheet TFI Fire Classification
Upofloor Zero Sound TFI Fire Classification
Upofloor Zero Tile TFI Fire Classification

Upofloor Zero IAC Gold Test Report
Upofloor Zero Breeam Int GN22 Attestation
Upofloor Zero Breeam NOR Attestation
Upofloor Xpression IAC Gold Test Report
Upofloor Xpression Breeam Int GN22 Attestation
Upofloor Xpression Breeam NOR Attestation

Upofloor EPD Enomer Products



General conditions of sale and delivery of Karelia-Upofloor Oy