Contract sheet vinyl flooring for public premises

Upofloor Estrad provides excellent wear resistance and performance in demanding applications such as education and the healthcare and service sectors. The resilient flooring is moisture-proof and pleasant underfoot. The TOP Protection surface, developed by Upofloor, provides excellent chemical resistance and easy maintenance of the floor.

Estrad floorings have been manufactured in the town of Nokia, Finland, for over 20 years. Over the years, their performance characteristics have been honed to perfection; the latest innovations including a new PUR surface treatment for even easier maintenance, and the new material composition providing top-grade Group T wear resistance.

Practical and versatile flooring

The Estrad family provides alternatives for different applications – Estrad and Estrad Plano for normal commercial usage, Estrad dB for spaces requiring impact sound resistance, and Estrad ESD for eliminating static electricity. With the exception of Estrad dB, all floorings are equally thick and can easily be combined. The beautifully harmonising colour palettes of the different products are based on common base colour templates.

Application areas

Upofloor Estrad is suitable for public spaces subject to heavy wear, including hospitals, schools, shops, offices, day-care centres and nursing homes.

Durability and easy maintenance
  • Flooring for heavy use in public spaces
  • Durable with best wear group T classification
  • Easy-care TOP Protection surface
  • Safe and comfortable underfoot
  • Completely water proof with welded joints
  • Indoor air friendly, M1 classified
  • Discreet design in a wide range of colours
  • Produced with phthalate-free technology
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Flexible handling

Download our Upofloor Estrad brochure for more information.

Estrad Plano
The uni-colour Estrad Plano is a homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring for public premises. On wide surfaces it acts as a neutral background for the furnishings, while it can also be used to enliven patterned Estrad and Podium floors with uni-colour borders or various other pattern elements.
Estrad ESD
Estrad ESD is a static dissipative vinyl flooring. Its unique composition and structure dissipates electricity evenly and also performs very well in dry conditions (RH 12%). The applications for Estrad ESD include the R&D and production facilities of the electronics and telecommunications industries and operating theatres and other surgical rooms of hospitals.
Estrad dB
Estrad dB is an impact sound resistant flooring for public premises. The resilient foam backing enhances underfoot comfort and acoustics. It is therefore ideal for daycare centres, music classrooms, hospitals, offices and the stairwells of apartment buildings. Estrad dB provides 14 dB of sound insulation.
The discreetly patterned Estrad is ideal for use in a wide range of spaces that are subject to heavy wear, such as in hospitals and schools. Due to the subtlety and earthiness of its colours, Estrad allows other interior design elements to stand out, or you can choose from a range of bright and vivid colours for a more expressive design.