Upofloor Quartz is developed to withstand the toughest of traffic in public spaces. The range of high quality performance, compressed quartz tiles are suitable for the most demanding high traffic applications. The tiles will even endure pallet trucks and fork lifts.

Our Quartz Tiles are developed and designed following the principles of sustainable development. The main raw material used is quartz sand, which makes the tiles extremely durable. Combining excellent durability with easy installation and cost-effective maintenance, they can provide uncontested appearance and competitive lifecycle costs.With plenty of colour and design options to choose from, a personal, fitting solution can be found for every space and situation. Upofloor Quartz tiles help to create an area that looks appealing and remains in good shape.

Natural material and low emissions

Quartz is one of the world's hardest minerals. Upofloor Quartz consists mostly of natural raw materials: quartz sand and calcium carbonates. This ensures extremely low emissions into indoor air. Upofloor Quartz has been awarded the FloorScore indoor air certificate and the best M1 rating of building materials.

Application areas

Upofloor Quartz Tiles flooring is recommended for heavy use areas such as shops and department stores, offices, educational and industrial premises.

High performance commercial flooring
  • Easy installation with minimal waste
  • PUR technology, promotes easy cleaning during the whole lifespan of the floor
  • No wax or finish required – ready to use
  • Homogeneous construction
  • Large variety of design options in monochrome and multicolour tiles
  • Certified Low-VOC Flooring Product
  • Phthalate free & DEHP free

For over 60 years, our Quartz tiles have been installed worldwide in all kind of environments that have one thing in common: their need for a tough, strong and easily maintained floor with a sound environmental character.

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The Finntile collection features a classic striped design that creates all new opportunities to architectural area control. Perception becomes reality; by for example widening or narrowing a space, different feelings and atmospheres can be efficiently created.
Quartz Mosaic Classic
Equipped with the same properties and virtues of Mosaic, our Mosaic Classic collection features a bit stronger chip pattern to create stronger contrast. Thus, Mosaic Classic is able to withstand the toughest challenges and hardest wear.

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